The Disease Molecular Biology and Epigenetics Laboratory (DMBEL) is equipped to first-world standards, with provisions for routine molecular and cell biology work. Among the high-end and minor equipment available to members of the laboratory are the following:

IN Cell 6000 High-Content Imaging System

Time-lapse microscope w/ motorized stage

Fluorescence microscope

Zoe fluorescent cell imager

Inverted microscope

3 single tissue culture hoods

1 double-sized tissue culture hood

2 automated cell counters

3 CO2 incubators

Neon Transfection System

Semi-automated liquid handling system

Attune NxT Flow Cytometer

Clariostar Multimode Microplate Reader

Fluostar Omega Multimode Microplate Reader

Real-Time qPCR machine

Double-head standard PCR machine

Four-head standard PCR machine

Mini-PCR machine

Chemidoc Touch Imaging System

Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System (Bio-Rad)

Protein Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus

DNA/RNA Gel Electrophoresis Tanks

Incubator w/ shaker for bacterial work

Incubator for Insect Cell Culture (Sf9)

Spinner flasks for insect cell culture

Millicell ERS-2 Voltohmmeter

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank

2 Ultra-low (-80) Freezers

Barcoding System

-20 freezer

Four-door display refrigerator

Several refrigerators

Centrifuges (refrigerated/non-refrigerated)

Shaker platforms

Multichannel pipettors

>30 sets of pipettors

Vacuum pumps

Benchtop lyophilizer

Milli-Q water purification system